Using elementary social studies as a basis, this course provides instruction in developing learning opportunities and multiple assessments that support children in attaining educational standards. "Best practice" instruction is modeled and practiced by the students. A balanced variety of assessment strategies are examined. 08/27/2018-12/17/2018 Lecture Monday 05:30PM - 07:20PM, Vail Hall, Room 403
This course introduces analysis techniques to diagnose past and present weather conditions, and methods to ultimately predict the future state of the atmosphere. Topics may include synoptic mid-latitude weather systems and their mesoscale structures, the effective use of modern numerical weather prediction, and analysis of data from various sources for timely and accurate weather forecast decision making. 08/27/2018-12/19/2018 Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00AM - 10:50AM, Academic & Student Activities, Room 315
This course traces the evolution of law and regulation affecting producers and consumers of news media beginning with the First Amendment. Topics will include privacy law, libel, slander, and the Fair Use Doctrine. The course also may examine the practical workings of the local and regional court systems, rules and regulations affecting journalists, the changing landscape of Internet law, and FCC rulings. 08/29/2018-12/19/2018 Hybrid Wednesday 11:30AM - 12:45PM, Academic & Student Activities, Room 106
This course requires students to identify, design, and implement an evaluative research study resulting in a capstone research paper. Topics include an overview of the principles and applications of evaluative research design, literature reviews, questionnaire construction, data collection, data analysis, reporting results, and presenting and defending findings. Laboratory sessions provide students with data analysis practice using new and existing data sets. The prerequisite is junior standing; MAT 2021 is strongly recommended. There is a lab fee. The course is offered every semester. 08/27/2018-12/20/2018 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 02:30PM - 03:45PM, Academic & Student Activities, Room 206 (more)...