This course is designed to develop skills in the use of database management systems. Topics include the analysis, design and maintenance of relational databases and their objects (tables, queries, forms, and reports). Additional areas of focus include: Data description and manipulation languages, schema design and normalization, file and index organizations, and data integrity and reliability. The prerequisite is experience in at least one other programming language. This course is offered every spring. 01/22/2019-05/16/2019
This course offers a practical approach to the principles of system administration. It utilizes the major operating system families: Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac. This course employs hands-on learning for topics such as maintaining and backing up systems, disaster recovery, updates and troubleshooting. There will be an emphasis on industry standard best practices. 01/22/2019-05/16/2019 Lecture Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced
This course presents and in-depth look at how computer and information security is handled in the corporate environment. An advanced course for network, computer and information security specialists that analyzes the various methodologies used to attack and defend networked systems. Topics covered may include development of security policies, cryptography, access control mechanisms, vulnerability analysis, network intrusion, and security auditing. 01/22/2019-05/16/2019
This course provides students the opportunity to explore current software technologies. Students will learn about and get hands-on experience with current and emerging software platforms, frameworks, and programming language technologies in the context of enterprise applications. Students' exposure to industry standard technologies that have been recently established will be reinforced through in-class labs and a major software project. This course may be repeated once for credit with a change of topic(s). 01/22/2019-05/16/2019 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 07:00PM - 08:20PM, Lyndon at NECC, Room LH304