For NVU Online students only. Fee of $100 - non-refundable. Please contact your advisor at least a month ahead of time to discuss the challenge exam and whether it is appropriate for you. You can find other information, including the exam itself, at the Moodle site for the course. The exam must be taken within the semester for which you register for it, and no later than the following dates: November 30 for fall, March 31 for spring, July 15 for summer.

Whether you're taking the exam online with proctoring by Proctor U or at a CCV center, you must schedule the exam well in advance. Contact Proctor U or your advisor as appropriate. Please do not request to take the exam at the last minute. If you do not take the exam during the semester for which you register, you will need to register again (and pay the fee again) for a future semester.01/22/2019-05/16/2019