This course focuses on using spatial reasoning to create spatially and time explicit models. Topics covered include how statistics can be used to quantify existing patterns, advanced suitability modeling, dynamic modeling, and reserve design. The course will also teach the fundamentals of scripting programming in the object orient environment which is necessary for customizing the GIS environment and to develop more complex relationships. 01/24/2019-05/16/2019 Lecture Thursday, Friday 08:00AM - 09:50AM, Library & Academic Center, Room 411
Prerequisite: None This course examines fundamental contemporary global issues such as conflict and peace, resource and human crisis conditions, mechanisms of trade and transnational investment, shifting power balances, and problems of development. Designed to prepare students for further sophisticated investigation of international subjects, the course focuses on tools for analyzing the global vicissitudes that impinge on the lives of all citizens. 01/22/2019-05/16/2019 Independent Study Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced