During this lecture-based course, the student learns to assess and manage gynecological and obstetrical emergencies and childbirth and to care for the pediatric patient from birth through age 18. The material includes topics of abuse and neglect, pediatric resuscitation, neonatal resuscitation, and technology-dependent children. 05/22/2019-08/15/2019 Hybrid Wednesday, Thursday 08:00AM - 11:50AM, Blair Park, Room 128
This course guides the student through the skills and knowledge needed to assess and manage a patient with traumatic injuries and shock. Topics include trauma systems; hemorrhage and shock; special considerations; and the following types of trauma: blunt force; penetrating; soft-tissue; burn; orthopedic; thoracic; abdominal; head, face, neck, and spinal; nervous system; and environmental.

06/05/2019-07/19/2019 Hybrid Wednesday, Thursday 08:00AM - 16:00PM, Blair Park, Room 124
During this highly interactive course, the student explores challenges when dealing with geriatric, bariatric, and disabled clients. The course presents normal differences based on age, size, and underlying medical problems and the student is challenged to think critically about providing the best care possible. Topics also include technology-dependent patients and the logistics of emergency calls versus transfers.

06/05/2019-07/19/2019 Hybrid Wednesday, Thursday 08:00 - 17:00, Blair Park, Room 124
The student who has successfully completed all didactic portions of the program may enroll in this course. During this immersion experience, the student acts as a paramedic under the supervision of a preceptor. The student acts as the team leader: managing the scene, patient, and crew. This session is a minimum of 240 hours. Time is extended as needed to meet the objectives of the internship portion. Assessment is based on the student's ability to perform the functional job description of a paramedic, as well as their ability to coordinate and manage a scene, the patient, and provide safe and effective care. This course must be completed prior to the start of the next semester. Vermont Tech Paramedic uniform is required. 05/20/2019-08/16/2019 Internship (Externship/Co-Op) Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced