This course examines individual identity development within particular social and cultural systems from birth through young adulthood. We will examine the means by which factors such as relationship, gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, ability, economics, and value systems affect how individuals come to define themselves. Our aim is to examine the local and global forces that shape a human ecological system and how it, in turn, shapes and is shaped by individual identity development. 06/03/2019-07/29/2019 Online
Seminars designed to develop knowledge or skills through intensive readings, discussions, and projects in areas of psychology of special interest to a small group of students. Prerequisite: PSY-1010. 05/22/2019-06/12/2019 Online Wednesday Times to be AnnouncedNVU Johnson Online, Room NJONL
The purpose of this course is to examine theoretical and practical applications of diagnosing and assessing educational disabilities and academic strengths and limitations. Students will learn to use assessment procedures to identify students' strengths and limitations to assist in developing appropriate accommodations and interventions. Students will develop skills to utilize data to develop effective goals for individual education plans. Experience in selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting formal standardized test will be provided. 05/20/2019-07/12/2019 Online Monday Times to be AnnouncedNVU-Online Online, Room NONL