Inquiry is the foundation for this interdisciplinary capstone course. It provides a forum for critical thinking about substantive issues, problems, and themes that affect the world, our society, our communities, and our selves. Throughout the semester, students will be challenged to ask critical questions, evaluate evidence, create connections, and present ideas in writing. This process prepares students for developing and presenting a culminating thesis through which they demonstrate proficiency in the graduation standards of writing and information literacy. Because the final paper is essential in demonstrating this proficiency, students must complete the final paper with a grade of C- or better in order to pass the course. This course is required for students planning to graduate and should be taken within the year prior to graduation once all competency area requirements have been satisfied. Prerequisites: English Composition and a Research & Writing Intensive course or equivalent skills. 01/22/2019-04/30/2019 Online Tuesday Times to be AnnouncedCCV Online Class, Room ONL